Thursday, November 1, 2007

A sneak peak at some of the pieces at Art Whino~ show opens Nov. 9th

The show at Art Whino was good fun! Here are the pieces. If you'd like prices or info please get a hold of Shane at Art Whino or feel free to contact me (links to the right).

Tartan ~ SOLD

Prospect of a Thrilling Time ~ SOLD

Withdrawn ~ SOLD

Nonplussed ~ SOLD

They're Both Favorites

The Truth in Utility

1st Gasp

Samurai vs. Luchador ~ SOLD

Friends For Everday

Rejection ~ SOLD

Green 3

I Saw the Letter I


Robert Pokorny (RIP) said...

R- These are beautiful. I love the color on nonplussed!

Rick REese said...


EGO said...

yeah man the color on nonplussed owns...

KEVIN said...

These are awesome. Nonplussed and Rejection in my opinion are easily the best two. I'm ok with Withdrawn. I think it's awesome too, but it's my least favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick just looked at the Art Whino show and really like the work you did. Congrats! Cheers from Rob's better half, Charlene.

Rick REese said...